dunlop victory racing RR

Electric Victory RR hits 158.3mph through the Sulby speed trap

“It’s a great step up,” says William Dunlop…

Dunlop ready to tackle “some unfinished business” on the Victory RR electric racer

Victory Racing and William Dunlop are ready to rock Isle of Mann TT.

Riders Jeremy Toye and Don Canet preparing to ‘Take Back the Hill for America’ June 26

Victory pits gas versus electric at Pikes Peak.

The automotive TV show swings a leg over the Octane

Car Fix gives the Octane its TV debut.
sumax victory wire set

Sumax/Taylor custom wire sets for Victory models

Sumax plug wires are now available for late-model Victory bikes.

Cross Country and Magnum owners can now fit Remus exhausts to their bikes

Now available for Victory's Cross Country bikes.

In country on two wheels