Twin Cam chopper

When a Twin Cam engine has two front cylinders, is it really a Twin Cam? Alex Lerner is all about being outside the box.

Alex Lerner of SL Custom builds a Twin Cam chopper with two front cylinders.
S&S Cycle Grand National 2:2 Exhaust

Easy bolt-ons to increase horsepower, boost torque, and make your bike more reliable

A short list of upgrades, add-ons, and products designed specifically to improve performance of your Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine.
Clymer Service Manuals

The latest to land at Hot Bike headquarters

We’re always on the lookout for the newest products in V-twin land, and these trick new wares are the latest to land at Hot Bike HQ.

Classic Harley-Davidson performance with modern ingenuity

NYC Danny D's 1992 Harley FXR was upgraded with a Twin Cam engine and some other serious performance parts.
180mm front tire

Teaming two unlikely partners in one custom bike

See how a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam mill became the heart of a working kicker custom motorcycle.

North Carolina shop builds a mini-bagger FXR with a Twin Cam

Meet the last engine Ray Price ever built: a Twin Cam in a Harley-Davidson FXR chassis.

Dirty Customz brings modern power to an FXR frame

Yes, Virginia, you can put a Twin Cam into a Harley-Davidson FXR frame and get the best of both worlds.
Hypercharger ES for V-twins

New Harley-Davidson Twin Cams and Milwaukee-Eight Hyperchargers launch in September

Kuryakyn brings its new Hypercharger ES to market for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam and Milwaukee-Eight V-twins. Sportster to follow.

How to install S&S kit for Twin Cam 88

Bennett's Performance upgrades the H-D V-twin…
how to install roland sands clarity covers

See what's inside the motor

RSD's Clarity line lets you watch your powerplant at work.