High Fives at The Race of Gentleman

Good old-fashioned motorcycle drag racing fun on the streets as the TROG posse heads west

The Race of Gentlemen is heading west again. The organizers will be holding the Santa Barbara (California) Drags, this time on the street.
mini parade of bikes and cars

The classic race event on a New Jersey beachfront brings out some of the best vintage hot rods and motorcycles you’ll see anywhere

Produced in a traditional hot-rod fashion, The Race of Gentlemen emphasizes racing on the beach, with strictly pre-’50s cars and motorcycles.

Set in a small motel on the Jersey shore, the NOTT party brings a unique blend of choppers to a beachside town

We visit TROG’s chopper pre-party at a motel in New Jersey before the beachfront races.

Vintage motorcycles and high-speed thrills on the sand

Vintage motorcycles and autos took to the sands of Pismo Beach, California, for some high-speed thrills and wave dodging! See The Race of Gentlemen.
The Race Of Gentlemen

Vintage Racing on the Shoreline of Wildwood, New Jersey

The Race Of Gentlemen/ Vintage Racing on the Shoreline of Wildwood, New Jersey…

All the action from Saturday and Sunday's racing

The Race of Gentlemen / Photo Gallery Wrap Up…