How to install S&S kit for Twin Cam 88

Bennett's Performance upgrades the H-D V-twin…

Big Motors, turbo kits, and sweet gear

To Speed and Style parts like big Motors, turbo kits, and sweet gear.
buffalo chip s&s cycle sturgis bike

One-off custom motorcycle gets unveiled at the Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show

S&S Cycle Brings Muscle to the Buffalo Chip’s 10th Anniversary Legends Ride…

A cautionary tale from S&S

Due diligence goes a long way when buying a used motor…

Motorcycle maintenance tech

Changing the oil is probably one of the most common services done to your motorcycle, so we grabbed one of S&S’s Oil Change Kits & got to it.
lugging the motor

Killing it with kindness

When passing, is it better to baby your motor or downshift?
motorcycle tappets explained

S&S Cycle continues the talk on motorcycle tappets

How motorcycle motor tappets work.
motorcycle tappets explained

S&S Cycle on all things motorcycle tappets

S&S explains how the tappets in your V-twin motor work & what they do…
s&s harley oil filter how to

Tips for dealing with filters & the slick stuff

The pros at S&S Cycle give good info for dealing with oil filters.
ss cycle harley throttle body

Throttle bodies for your Harley-Davidson

S&S cable operated Throttle Hog throttle bodies are available for 2002-17 Harley-Davidson big twins with cable operated throttles.