We all knew it was coming, though Harley-Davidson did everything possible to hide its move toward liquid-cooling under a bushel. With the exception of the V-Rod…
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Big audio dynamite

When is too much audio system too much?
indian motorcycle

Indian's comeback keeps growing

Expanding aftermarket support indicates Indian is here to stay this time.
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The Other Side Of Performance

What good is extra power without the perfect suspension setup?

Keeping your cool for summer riding

Speed's advice for keeping your bike cool in the warm summer months.
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Deep Breathing!

Going huge here isn’t always better. The pitfalls of over-carbureting an engine are well known, and the same holds true with throttle bodies and injectors. So what’s…
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Speed’s Spotlight

Riders of a certain age will remember the days of full-service at the gas pump and even better service inside the work bays. An oil change every 3,000 miles that…
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Speed’s Spotlight

Why choosing the right pipes for your Harley is vital.

Noise, Power, and Pipes!

As good looking and nasty sounding as a set of short, wide-open pipes might be, they’ll end up hurting the all-around performance of a street-ridden Harley.