Speed's Performance Plus on upgrading Harley-Davidson's latest Big Twin

What's out there for Milwaukee-Eight owners looking for high performance cams?
cam drive swap

Escape From The Chain Gang!

Is it necessary to go to the expense of a gear drive system, or is the factory’s chain drive all that’s needed?
harley cam installation

Getting the most out of swapping Harley cams

Picking the right cams is only the tip of the iceberg.
speed's performance dyno

Deep Breathing!

Today we’re all dealing with fuel-injected Harleys, throttle bodies in place of those carburetors. Is bigger still better?
harley spark plugs

Dealing with fouled spark plugs

Avoiding a common cause of fouled plugs and how to fix them.

Speed’s Performance Plus Engine Upgrade

Darn near twice the horsepower and torque in a day, without taking the engine out of the frame. No complicated or expensive machine work required, all done with…