High-Flow Fuel Delivery Benefits for V-twins

Wake up your Harley-Davidson motor with high-flow injectors and big throttle bodies

Find out how high-flow aftermarket parts help V-twin motors make more power.
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Indian's comeback keeps growing

Expanding aftermarket support indicates Indian is here to stay this time.
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Deep Breathing!

Going huge here isn’t always better. The pitfalls of over-carbureting an engine are well known, and the same holds true with throttle bodies and injectors. So what’s…
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How does 144 hp and 150 lbs-ft torque sound on a street-friendly Harley?
A replacement for displacement
Swapping out cylinder heads on a Harley, going from the OE stockers to a set of high-flow/high-compression replacements, is generally looked on as a final step in the…
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The best exhaust setup starts with a good plan

Pro insight into choosing the perfect Harley exhaust.
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Speed's Spotlight

It isn’t always about the numbers, where the biggest number wins. Or at least it shouldn’t be.
speed's spotlight

Speed’s Spotlight

“Riders are coming to us in droves asking if there’s anything we can do to squeeze a little more fuel mileage out of their bikes. Especially guys on those new 103s and…