Motorcyclist and his bike

A motorcycle gear staple.

An assortment of motorcycle vests specifically built with riders in mind, featuring cool features like hidden pockets, extra armor, and tough materials.
Conditioning leather for motorcycle gear

Treat your hide-bound riding gear and accessories to a deserved renewal.

Is your precious leather garment looking tired? Recondition your jackets, boots, gloves, and bag with these rejuvenating products made specifically for leather.
Street & Steel Oakland Convertible Riding Jacket

Our mix of all-season riding gear will work for any riding situation

Weather Is unpredictable, which makes it hard to know what gear to wear. Our list of convertible items adapt to changing conditions, so forget your worries.
Dickies Moto Work Wear lineup

Work wear turned ride wear

Dickies recently developed a new motorcycle-inspired line of apparel that fits snugly in between expensive selvedge denim and a pair of Levi’s 501s.
MH1000s with knee armor

A road test of the latest motorcycle riding jeans in Icon’s 1000 Collection

Icon’s MH1000 jeans are durable riding pants with a relaxed fit and both D3O and Kevlar protection in the knees.
Saint Unbreakable Denim Vest

Used, abused, and unbreakable after three years and all the miles

Three years and thousands of miles in Saint’s Unbreakable denim vest and its Dyneema blend—putting the “Unbreakable” name to the test.
Harley-Davidson Men’s Genuine Classics Pullover Hoodie

These handy biker staples look cool while keeping you warm and protected.

Our latest collection of hoodies that offer the great look and feel of a casual garment with the protection you need out on the road.
Harley-Davidson 1903 collection

Fresh gear to look for online

With a new storefront and a partnership with Amazon, Harley enters the age of Prime.
Harley-Davidson Mens 115th Anniversary Mesh Riding Jacket

Celebrate in style this Labor Day weekend

Commemorate Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary with some cool collectibles.
Harley-Davidson Mens Midland Performance Sneaker

H-D’s new motorcycle footwear is stylish protection for men and women riders

Harley’s new Midland and Mackey sneakers for men and women dial up the streetwise style without sacrificing protection.