Shaun Revelle's Knuckle that didn't get away

When I found a 1947 Knuckle in El Paso there was no way I was going to let it slip by me.

More pictures of Hot Bike Girl Dania Estrada

A second photo gallery of Hot Bike Model Dania Estrada.

Matt Seret’s 1954 Harley-Davidson

When I picked up this ’54 FLE basket case, the engine and trans where absent from the basket. The previous owner had taken them to Harry’s Harley-Davidson in downtown…
Chris Richardson of LA Speed Shop combines two different sides of the V-twin spectrum that typically don’t ever occupy the same space…

The one that finally got away

Man, watching Ryan ride this thing around at the swap, you could tell the two were in love. Kid maneuvered it effortlessly through the crowds and junk piles. The whole…

The vision of the perfect chopper

Hot Bike Girls Model Michele Terry with a 1956 Harley-Davidson FLH…
Hot Bike Girls Model Dania Estrada with a Custom Harley-Davidson Panhead…

You never forget your first

Leighton's Panhead

A Panhead for the Ages

Jeff Leighton goes out of his building comfort-zone and the result is a one of a kind, out of this world Harley-Davidson Panhead.