Alleyway Custom’s 1954–1965 FLH

In early 2006, Mike Wilson got a phone call about one of the deals you just can’t pass up. It was a quick cash exchange for what most people wait a lifetime for: a…
The bikes on the floor of the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati Ohio…
Good times at Biltwell Headquarters…
harley chopper bagger

LA Speed Shop builds a chopper bagger

When baggers and choppers mate.
Harley Panhead

The Virginian: Reality come to life

Departure's badass panhead drag racer.
S&S panhead


Panhead style with modern guts.
Harley Panhead

Evil Spirit Engineering’s Throwback Pan

Chopper as time machine.
Old Choppers Never Die

Warren Heir’s ’52 Pan redux

Pure gold among today’s raiders of the lost art, a genuine ’60s–’70s chopper is as sought after as the original parts, which most builders frantically hunt for amid the…
Harley Panhead

Chris Huber’s childhood dreams come true

Words of wisdom from David Lee Roth. Or just some babble that inspired a `58 Panhead resto.

Some Things Just Get Better With Age

Builders have created a lot of bikes using modern parts with classic style. While this makes for some truly beautiful bikes, there's a lot to be said for using the…