A Sportster, a Dyna, & a Panhead

Keep those homemade custom bikes coming!

He don't need no stinking vision

Owner Cody Davidson rides this ’62 Panhead that he built all over the place at his whim.

Screamin' chicken no more

They beat the ugly out of this 1950 Panhead and made it killer.

The Pan-American Project

Tyler Malinky takes his cool S&S Panhead-powered custom cycle on a cross country break-in journey.
harley panhead custom fender lowbrow customs

A Bolt-On Alternative for Harley-Davidsons

Lowbrow Customs has designed and produced a custom rear fender that will bolt in place on Harley-Davidsons spanning almost 30 years.

Panhead chopper 2.0

Panhead Round Two: FIGHT!

Noise Cycles brings it back to life

In order to stray from the handbook on chopper builds, T-Bone added his own little bits of personal taste.

Three great bikes from you guys

Hometown Harley-Davidson customs.

Homegrown Harleys and Customs

Readers rides straight from Hot Bike magazine.

Snapshot of the mind's eye

It took a while for Chris to find a frame that fit his bill, but in the end, he made it happen. The rest of the bike was made to work in and around that skeleton.