Fixing problems with a multi-tool while on the road can be made easy with one that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Carry a multi-tool with you so you don’t get caught off guard again.

Keep a multifunction bicycle tool equipped with Allen wrenches, hex keys, etc., at hand so you can repair ebikes while on the road.
Harley-Davidson All-In-One Folding Tool

These essentials will get you through your next roadside motorcycle service lickety-split

You always need a backup plan on the road. These handy kits and tools from Harley, BikeMaster, CruzTools, Nebo, and Windzone will help get you out your next jam.

Techy stuff for the road

Biker electronics…
Gerber  Diesel Multi-Plier

Used and Abused

Many multi-tools are slick and pretty but have no real tools attached to them, making them useless hunks of metal. The Diesel Multi-Plier is not one of them.