How and when to remove and clean the air filter element on the newest Softail

The new FXDR comes with a washable air filter element instead of the MoCo’s standard disposable paper air filter. Here is how to remove it for cleaning.
BikeCapsule 8-Foot Inflatable Motorcycle Storage

Get a jump on winter with these products and tips for proper off-season storage

With winter’s chill in the near-term forecast, we discuss five products and steps you should use to prep your motorcycle for the long hibernation ahead.

A DIY list for basic motorcycle maintenance

Just bought your first bike? Here's what you'll need to do your own motorcycle maintenance at home.
motorcycle fuel treatment

At least 1 of these should be in your garage at all times

Whether storing your motorcycle or running it daily, fuel treatment is a good thing to keep on hand.
hot bike john zamora

Getting old sucks

Maintain your body and your motorcycle.

S100's Care Set

Everything needed to make your motorcycle shine.
bike brite

Jeff and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Jeff Holt takes the Bike Brite lineup to task on his dirty hog.

Premium maintenance, and performance products for your V-Twin

Developed by a group of V-Twin riders and racers.
ProtectAll for Your Bike

Motorcycle care and cleaning

Whether your storing your iron for winter or riding through the season, your bike needs proper care and feeding.
We are tool heads for sure and when we find a good one we hold onto them for life.