Bobbers, diggers, and more from the motorcycle exhibit in Yokohama

The Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show in Japan delivered a full spectrum of outrageous choppers.

The best of the rest

Shige Suganuma, the main man at Mooneyes, is the person who heads up this show, and every year he seems to make it new and exciting for the more than 15,000 attendees…

Getting low in the snow... not really

The annual Mooneyes show is one of the largest car and bike shows in Southern California bringing thousands of hot rods, choppers and vintage drag racers out to…

Over 70 photos of the best Custom Motorcycles on the planet

The 23rd Annual Mooneyes Yokohama show featured hundreds and hundreds of the best custom motorcycles in the world. Don't believe us? take a look at over 70 photos from…

A dozen pics of some the best custom motorcyles on the planet

A dozen pics from the 23rd Annual Mooneyes Yokohama Show.
Set up day of the 23rd Annual Yokohama Mooneyes Show.