mama tried biker rally

2 days of international custom bikes, a night at the Harley museum, flat-track and ice racing make a recipe for fun

An invitational bike show, Mama Tried brings more than 100 of the latest cutting-edge custom motorcycles from all over the globe to Milwaukee for a fun four days.

Take a look at the schedule of events and get ready for some indoor track racing!

Harley-Davidson Racing is ready to roll indoors in Milwaukee at Mama Tried's Flat Out Friday on February 17, 2017.

Indoor Flat Track racing on Dr.Pepper coated concrete

The Mama Tried Show weekend kicked off with "Flat Out Friday", Indoor Flat Track racing on Dr.Pepper coated concrete.

Moto Heaven in Milwaukee

The Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is a custom motorcycle show for all shapes , sizes and makes of bikes. Indoor flat track racing and ice racing on a frozen lake are thrown…

The Speed Merchant Gives H-D’s 500 A Flat-Track Makeover

In early March 2014, we [The Speed Merchant] were approached by Mike and Grant. They asked if we'd be interested in doing something cool and unique to this new…

Ice Riding at the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

Vintage Harley-Davidson Motorcycles take to the ice of frozen Lake Michigan as part of the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show weekend…

The best from the Milwaukee show

The Mama Tried Show Motorcycle Show showcases some of the most interesting motorcycles from the Midwest and all over the country.