Ride Wright Wheels, Avon Cobra, Burly Cable Kit, Torch Industries Handlebars, Mustang Seats Install

Go low, slammed, and chromed in a day's work.

Queen Bee

Six pictures of the Queen Bee.

Tony Martinez’s sizzling custom Road King

There are a fortunate few who have the means to purchase a dream machine straight from the dealer floor only to turn around and sink another large sum of cash into…

For that classic fishtail look

The Cobra’s Softail Dual exhaust system gives you a classic dual exit look while offering either a billet tip or fishtail tip. The 24-inch muffler section ends roughly…

Daniel Sorrentino’s road-show-ready Road King

Daniel Sorrentino, owner of this 2007 Road King, works on high-end luxury cars for his day job, so he’s very familiar with working with machines built to go fast and…

Pre Rosarito Hog "Fund" Fest

Rolling Deep 4 Charities always hosts the best events in Southern California. Well, we’re doing it again, RD4C brings you HOG FEST held at the beautiful La Puente…

Torch Industries’ low-key Panhead-powered Softail

Every few years a bike comes along that takes all the rules of building a bike, puts them in a jar, swishes them around, and breaks it wide open. From an outside novice…

Time Lapse Video and Photos of the engraving of derby cover

A 3 minute video and 10 photos of Engrave It Inc as they engrave a Harley-Davidson derby cover.
2015 Harley-Davidson Lowrider Hot Bike Magazine

The Daily Dyna

A 2015 Harley-Davidson Dyna Lowrider is the choice for Editor In Chief Jeff G. Holt…

Randy Garcia’s tribute to his heritage and family

What makes a lowrider bike stand apart from the other customs in the corral can be summed up easily with one thing: the finish.