Hot Bike Christmas gift ideas

What your buddy wants to find in their stocking instead of coal

Fill your favorite motorcycle rider’s stocking with any of these eight motorcycle-centric gifts this holiday season.

New custom brass and aluminum motorcycle gas caps

Lowbrow Customs has three new gas cap designs available in both brass or aluminum for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Lowbrow Customs Dyna exhaust pipes

Shotgun Exhaust Pipes from Lowbrow Customs fit 2006 and later Harley-Davidson Dynas, offering both aggressive styling and sound.

For curved, ribbed, & flat rear motorcycle fenders

Lowbrow Customs weld-on fender mounts to make fender mounting easier…
lowbrow jason jessee waffle grips

New from J. Jessee and Lowbrow Customs

Jason Jessee is a rare individual who's known across multiple subcultures, including skateboarding and motorcycling…
harley 4 speed transmission stand

Lowbrow makes old transmission restoration a little easier

Lowbrow Customs simple & trouble-saving work stand for working on 1936-85 Harley 4-Speed Transmissions…
Lowbrow Customs makes a slew of great , inexpensive parts to keep your motorcycle running in top top form like this 530 drive chain.

2 new wheel spool designs courtesy of Lowbrow

While there were plenty of imported spool wheels available, there weren't many options for a USA-made alternative. Lowbrow decided to create one.

Lowbrow Customs makes custom pegs & grips in brass, aluminum, & black

Lowbrow Customs Pursuit series chopper parts may be just the ticket for your latest project…
lowbrow customs harley-davidson spark plug holder

Always have spare plugs for your motorcycle

Stay on the road and self-sufficient with a RTW Spark Plug Holder from Lowbrow Customs.