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A note from Hot Bike's John Zamora

Editor John Zamora reflects on his time as Hot Bike editor and his future with the Bonnier Motorcycle Group.
Editor John Zamora's words from the May 2017 issue of Hot Bike Magazine

Editor John Zamora's words from the May 2017 Issue

I constantly talk about how our job at Hot Bike is to find the next big thing in the V-twin world. It’s a never-ending task to stay ahead of the curve and find new stuff…
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Hit ’Em With The HINE!

John Z's take on the continuous evolution of digital media in the motorcycle world.
harley davidson softail

Are Softails the next big thing (again)?

As 2017 kicks off a new year of customs, there’s my prediction for the next 12 to 24 months.
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Getting old sucks

Maintain your body and your motorcycle.
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Hot Bikes eternal quest for creative customs

There’s no better feeling than meeting an up-and-coming game changer and showing the world that doing things against the grain is what makes this country so great.
Hot Bike Girls Model Priscilla with a custom a few custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles…
Hot Bike Girls Model Tashia McIntosh with a Editor John Zamora's custom Harley-Davison.
Hot Bike Girls Model Summer Brielle with a custom late model Harley-Davidson…