How to reposition your new FXDR’s handlebars

The FXDR has a different handlebar setup than the other Harley-Davidson models, but the procedure to adjust is easier than ever.

How and when to remove and clean the air filter element on the newest Softail

The new FXDR comes with a washable air filter element instead of the MoCo’s standard disposable paper air filter. Here is how to remove it for cleaning.

Simple, right? Yes, but not obvious. Here’s the easy way to remove your FXDR 114’s saddle.

The 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 differs from other H-D models in that it doesn’t have an exposed seat screw. Here is how to remove it easily.
Project Milwaukee-Eight FXR at Sturgis

Just about wrapped on our M-8 FXR

The Harley Milwaukee-Eight FXR project is inching closer to completion courtesy of builder Danny Wilson and famed fabricator Justin Coleman, of Torch Industries.

A beginner-friendly video on how to spot lighting problems on your Road Glide motorcycle

Are you the new owner of a Road Glide Special? Here is how you replace a burned-out bulb on your new ride.

How to locate and remove the Road Glide Special’s main fuse

New to your HD Road Glide Special? Here is how you remove the main fuse before doing any work on your new bike.

A simple step-by-step on how to remove the saddlebag on a ’14–later H-D Touring model

Still figuring out your Road Glide Special? Here’s how to take off those saddlebags so you can get at other components.
Dyna styled softail

T-bars and a quarter-fairing for an ’18 Street Bob

We install Bung King’s T-bars and Harley-Davidson’s quarter-fairing on a 2018 Softail Street Bob.

Cutting out your stock pushrods during a cam swap can save time and money. Here’s a quick safety tip for getting it done.

Our video about cutting out your stock pushrods while doing a cam swap can save you some time and money.
modified FXR frame

Adding modern ingenuity into the beloved FXR

We’ve been busy mocking up the particulars for getting the Milwaukee-Eight engine into the FXR frame.