The Hedon Heroine Racer is available in five sizes and various color schemes, ECE or DOT approved.

A luxury helmet with classic racing style.

The Hedon Heroine Racer is a classic-styled helmet, hand-sewn and hand-painted with incredible attention to detail, but is it worth the $900 price tag?

Sift through out awesome list of motorcycle gadgets, cameras, and more!

From action cameras to communication systems, to motorcycle audio and firearm accessories, we’ve found the coolest electronic objects for your holiday list.
One Wheel Revolution’s Rob Carpenter

A road test of Icon’s sinister-looking new lid

The Icon Airflite blends elements of the sport and motocross worlds in one affordably priced helmet.
Bell Eliminator helmet

Helmet features the new ProVision shield along with race-inspired design and industry-leading safety tech

Bell’s all-new DOT- and ECE-rated Eliminator helmet is designed for a wide range of riders and comes with a proprietary ProVision shield with antifog technology.
Kuryakyn Universal Helmet Lock

Keep your stuff safe at Sturgis while you’re off the bike

Fight the possibility of your gear getting stolen off the bike with these items that will safely lock up your possessions while you’re out enjoying the show.
Black Bell Bullitt Helmet

Bell helmets and Indian Motorcycle gear win on and off the track

Look good and stay protected in Indian’s Benjamin leather jacket and Bell’s Bullitt helmet.
Kirsh CHM-1 Helmet

The “smallest DOT-approved helmet in the world” uses fluid-displacement technology

The Kirsh CHM-1 with patented FDL liner, is finally available for sale in 2018 and will be the official helmet of the Sturgis Rally.
Harley-Davidson Mason’s Yard 3/4 Helmet

A collection of the latest and greatest open-face helmets designed for summer riding

These five open-face helmets sport the latest modern features and come fresh from some of the most trusted brands out there.
shoei neotec ii sena bluetooth headset

Protect your noggin and talk to the animals—via Bluetooth

The $300 SRL from Sena (short for Shoei Rider Link) is designed to lay straight into the factory framework of Shoei’s new Neotec II modular ($699).
SportModular Helmet

A look at the latest (and lightest) entry in the premium flip-up helmet segment

AGV enters the modular helmet wars with its all-new all-carbon flip lid.