softail raked triple trees covingtons customs

Covingtons Customs kicks out your forks

Softail trees raked 3 degrees for the profile you want without losing performance…
harley dirty bird softail chin spoilers

2 new designs from John Shope

Dirty Bird Concepts adds 2 custom spoilers to its Softail parts line…

Dusty Schaller gets it done on a Harley Softail

Dynojet's victorious land speed record trip to Bonneville Salt Flats…
Harley Slamtail

`16 Harley Softails get hydraulic suspension

Hydraulic-actuated rear suspension for 2016 H-Ds.
harley open belt drive

Twin Cam 2 Piece Motor Plate 2-inch wide Open Belt Drive

Open Belt drive systems feature a 2-piece motor plate design with 2” belt.