John Shopes Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird Concepts’ red bird of prey

John Shope knocks down ring number four at the 2018 GEICO Hot Bike Tour…
eu tariff

Prices for Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles will rise significantly in Europe

The European Union has placed new tariffs on American-made products, including motorcycles from Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle.
rekluse auto clutch

Is an auto clutch for you?

We're testing the Rekluse EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch and really enjoying its benefit. Is an auto clutch right for you?
buying first harley-davidson

Check out our tips for taking that initial step into The Motor Company ecosystem

With more than 40 models to choose from, selecting your first Harley can be daunting. We help you find your way around the club.
stock vs cam upgrade

Stock Milwaukee-Eight 107 cam versus Screamin’ Eagle Stage II Torque Cam

We installed a Screamin’ Eagle Stage II Torque Cam into a 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Street Bob. How does it match up against the stocker?

Gearhead gear for the garage

Harley-Davidson, Harbor Freight, and JIMS Machine all carry what you need for your V-Twin.

Conely's Fender and Speed-Kings Cycle lighting installation

Conely's Super Glide fender was perfect for our Harley-Davidson Dyna project.

Christmas presents for your favorite motorcycle rider

What's the ideal Christmas present for a biker? From custom stereos to aftermarket wheels and sweet sunglasses, here are some ideas.

Motorcycle jackets for men and women

Harley-Davidson and Carhartt motorcycle jackets provide warmth and padding to keep you safe while you ride and waterproofing to protect you from the elements.

New design targets Harley-Davidson baggers

The new Reinforcer wheel for baggers comes in any size you want so long as it's 21 inches.