For use on that updated 49mm fork cap

JIMS socket for the late-model H-D bagger fork caps…

New from Corbin

Corbin's latest custom seat for Harley baggers, including those with Milwaukee-Eight motors.
trask performance bagger speedglide

From Trask Performance

Trask Performance makes a lot more than Harley turbo kits…
drag specialties harley custom bagger seat

Harley dresser saddles from DS

Drag Specialties' latest 2-up custom seat for your Harley bagger.
harley bagger custom exhaust system

Khrome Werks latest bagger system

New Harley bagger exhaust design comes in both 2-into-1 and 2-into-2 versions.
burns harley bagger exhaust

For Harley-Davidson Big-Inch Bagger Motorcycles

The new Harley bagger exhaust isn't for timid motors.
Covington's Bagger Lowering Kit

Slam that bagger

Covingtons has created the only lowering kit that will work with the factory adjustable coilovers featured on CVO and Special edition motorcycles.

Brand new, deep sounding, Kerker Slash Cut Slip-Ons

New Harley bagger mufflers feature a fiberglass-wrapped, completely rebuildable core.
harley custom bagger

From the pages to the pavement

The true magic of owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is that there are enough talented people and companies making parts to morph any model into anything imaginable!
harley bagger

Custom Chrome Europe’s top bagger

When it comes to size, the Harley-Davidson Factory in Frankfurt am Main is certainly the biggest Harley dealership in Germany…