General purpose items no garage should be without

3 more great tools to have around the garage…

One raises the bike, the other raises the roof

Jeff's take on this Ranger Bike Jack and Braven Handheld Mixer…

From Yeti, Dewalt, & Milwaukee Tool

Gear for your garage.
lincoln plasma cutter

This is not your dad’s plasma cutter

This plasma cutter's small but effective, with advanced features too.
milwaukee tool m12 kit

Cordless tools reviewed

4 cordless tools in one kit, complete with batteries…

Handy Tools You Need

Impeltronics Magnetic Flashlight and Motion Pro's Steering Head Bearing Driver.
jet 80 gallon air compressor

Industrial-grade air compression for you

The JET air compressors are ideal for machine and fabrication shops.
Keybar Keychain

Stores your garage and workshop keys all nice and neat

Product reviews for the garage part of your life.
jet metal dust collector

Keeping the garage dust devils at bay

JET's metal dust collection stand teams well with a variety of grinders.