How to Finish a Buck

How to make a Harley-Davidson fuel tank buck

The final phase of Hot Bike's tank buck fabrication how-to…
gas tank

Turning a gas tank pattern into a fabrication framework

Making a framework for shaping a Harley-Davidson gas tank…

New parts for home garage workshop.

16 New tools for 2017.

TIG Welding 101

Hot Bike walks you through basic TIG welding…

Got Wood?

Create a shrinking stump for your next sheet metal project…
jet metal dust collector

Keeping the garage dust devils at bay

JET's metal dust collection stand teams well with a variety of grinders.
miller hobby MIG welder

Millermatic 125 Hobby works off household power and MIG welds 1/8-inch thick material

The MIG and flux-cored-capable Millermatic 125 Hobby works off standard 115 V household power.
Miller 210 Dynasty

Two new electric welders for your latest project

Miller's upgraded replacements for its Dynasty 200 and Maxstar 200 electric welders.

Rough Crafts’ Stealth Bullet

Have a threesome with Tiffany

Sneak peek of Chassis Design's S&S powered side car bike with Playboy model Tiffany.