supertrapp phantom sportster pipe

Now all updated and whatnot

The updated Sportster version of the original Phantom Pipe for Softails and the Baffled FLH Phantom Pipe.
supertrapp 2-1-2 header
SuperTrapp's latest exhaust upgrade for baggers.
SuperTrapp SE Series Slip-Ons

Mufflers for your bagger

SuperTrapp SE Series Slip-Ons are equipped with a race-proven baffle that gives riders a bolt-on performance gain of 10 – 12% more horsepower.

Custom pipes for V-Twin

One of our newer pipes we named the "Bastard." It's an awesome sweeping pipe with an aggressive sweep at the end to direct the gnarly sound right where it can be heard…
Screamin' Eagle High Flow Exhaust System

Tune up and hang on with the Screamin' Eagle High Flow Exhaust

Factory-tuned Touring-motor muscle with the new Screamin' Eagle High Flow Exhaust System…

Open Up!

Even on small motors, like the 883 Sportsters, a better-breathing intake and exhaust is always the first step in making more horsepower.

Thrash It Up!

The performance-oriented folks who like a nice 2-into-1 exhaust tend to want them lean and light, so a stainless-steel one-piece design like this Thrashin Supply pipe…
Hot Bike takes a visit to the Firebrand Headquarters and gets some insight about the company and some of their products.
More top-end ponies for your bagger.

For that classic fishtail look

The Cobra’s Softail Dual exhaust system gives you a classic dual exit look while offering either a billet tip or fishtail tip. The 24-inch muffler section ends roughly…