Tales from the Butt Dyno

Jeff Holt abuses Lucky Dave's seat & Pro-Action Dyna shocks…
burly brand dyna shocks

12.5- & 13.5-inch Stiletto Shocks for Dyna

What every post-apocalyptic scrambler needs…

Absorbing Technology

Knowing of Hyperpro’s immaculate reputation on high-horsepower Japanese bikes in Europe, I was very interested in just how good these shocks would be for Harleys on our…

Progressive's all-new true sport performance shock absorbers

Progressive Suspension's all-new 490 Sport Shocks cover the full gamut of riding from touring to the track.
harley dyna custom stiletto shocks

Check out these Dyna shocks

Cool custom Harley Dyna shock absorbers from GEICO Hot Bike Tour sponsor, Burly Brand.
burly brand dyna stiletto shock absorbers

Also available for Sportster

Burly sexifies your Dyna with Stiletto shock absorbers.
super shox dyna

New spring in your step

Super Shox latest shock absorbers for Harley Dynas.