Winner, winner: The Good Design Award goes to the Ducati Diavel 1260 S.

The Italian power cruiser snags more recognition for its unique styling

Ducati’s unconventional power cruiser, the Diavel 1260 S, now has a new prize—the Good Design Award—to add to its long list of other accolades.

Jeremy Cupp breeds a custom chopper with crazy DNA

LC Fabrications created this rigid chopper around a very unique powerplant.
Ducati, Harley-Davidson

The Ducati purchase would be Harley-Davidson's latest foray into Italian motorcycles

Harley-Davidson may be looking to buy out Ducati from Volkswagen.

Answering the question that's never been asked

So what is the XDiavel? The best way to describe it is Ducati’s answer to a question that has never been asked. As a cruiser, it’s a long, lean, mean, and powerful bike…
2015 Ducati Diavel

How the other half lives