custom Harley-Davidson Digger

Some things never go out of style

Arlen Ness pretty much invented the Harley digger back in the ’70s. This modern retro pays homage to the diggers from yesteryear with some modern ingenuity.

Digger History

Digger choppers are part drag bike, part custom show bike, and all cool…

Can you dig it?

This chopper wasn't much to look at on day one. I don't mean it was ugly. I mean there wasn't a whole lot here. Just a frame, ’75 FL motor, and basket case of a…
digger chopper

One mod digger

Diggers are a polarizing style of bike. You either love or hate them, and I happen to love them.

Preserving a lost relic

The Ironhead digger that almost became a bobber.

Custom 2015 Harley-Davidson Evo Sportster Motor

A complete custom frame, custom sheet metal, handmade front end, crazy carb setup, a magneto. I custom fabbed the exhaust, seat, bars, and brakes as well. Basically…

Bikes and Tattoos

Ink and Iron is a annual tattoo, concert, bike and car show in Long Beach, California. It's a great place to get stuck, watch a show and check out all the 2 and 4 wheel…