digger chopper

One mod digger

Diggers are a polarizing style of bike. You either love or hate them, and I happen to love them.
Harley-Davidson knucklehead

Dynamite Joe’s Dapper Knuckle

Zen and the art of motorcycle customization.
Harley-Davidson knucklehead

The lines between new and old get blurred

Motorcycles have and always will be meant to be ridden. Whether it’s more than 100 years old or has less than 100 miles on the odometer, the basic purpose of a bike is…

10 Years in the Making

We never imagined that when we started our business 10 years ago in our small garage that we would eventually be a worldwide distributed motorcycle parts company. We…
Chopper: Bacon's Hog...

…is a water-cooled Knuckle chop

Before there was V-rod, there was water-cooled Knuckle.
Harley XLCH Chopper: Chop Trippin’

Follow the journey of a young mystical unicorn named Alex

Where does a young wizard start his mystical quest? In this day and age, Facebook.
Westbury Choppers

El Pobre Gringo: One Good Gringo

A cool blue chopper from our dusty archives.
Shovelhead Chopper

All its flavors are guaranteed to satisfy

A chopper with inspiration so cool it was frozen.
Deuce Coup Chopper

On Two Wheels

From the Stromberg carbs down to the wheel spinners and Lakester-style exhaust, Juha's Shovelhead, named "Rebelene" after a Stray Cats rockabilly hip-shaker, is a true…
Painkiller Custom Chopper

Natural Male Enhancement From Dark Dayz Choppers

When Art walked into Dark Dayz Choppers, he was looking for something with a '50s or '60s hot rod feel. Shop owner Denny Mialki had just the cure-a rigid chopper with…