Can you dig it?

This chopper wasn't much to look at on day one. I don't mean it was ugly. I mean there wasn't a whole lot here. Just a frame, ’75 FL motor, and basket case of a…

Winter is coming

Atomic Trent's cold-blooded Knucklehead chopper…

Angelic epiphany

Recreating Sonny Barger's famous chopper.

Panhead chopper 2.0

Panhead Round Two: FIGHT!

Noise Cycles brings it back to life

In order to stray from the handbook on chopper builds, T-Bone added his own little bits of personal taste.

Indian Larry’s custom Chopper

Riding under the Indian Larry shadow comes at heavy cost. After more than a decade since his passing, there comes a time when as a company it’s necessary to stand on…

Shovelhead from the age of disco

Bringing this Harley Shovelhead back took a lot of love.

Fast and evil, yes. Stealthy? Not so much.

One dark, mean, Sportster-based chopper from LedSled.

Tyler’s `76 Ironhead

No head like an Ironhead.
LED zbars

The handlebars come with built-in LED lights

These unique new bars from Paughco will make any bike stand out from the crowd while providing another level of visibility.