Digger History

Digger choppers are part drag bike, part custom show bike, and all cool…


1968 Shovelhead motor finds a home in a Panhead frame. The result: one sweet chopper.

He don't need no stinking vision

Owner Cody Davidson rides this ’62 Panhead that he built all over the place at his whim.


Painter Scott Hoepker finally gets to finish his own Shovelhead chopper.

Screamin' chicken no more

They beat the ugly out of this 1950 Panhead and made it killer.


At long last, Laramie got his second long chopper.

2 new wheel spool designs courtesy of Lowbrow

While there were plenty of imported spool wheels available, there weren't many options for a USA-made alternative. Lowbrow decided to create one.

Redhead Extraordinaire

Hot Bike Model Casey Rowe with a Big Tony's Chopp Shop custom chopper.

Stepping out of your comfort zone to build a beauty

It started with an Instagram post I saw about Ivan Snodgrass selling a roller that he pulled out of a garage somewhere near Louisville, Kentucky, and was letting it…
brass chopper pushrod tube clips

From Paughco's Old-Stf line

Paughco's Old-Stf line brings classic gravitas to your chopper project.