Beating with a hot-rod heart.

The 1998 hot-rodding of the Harley-Davidson Sportster Sport adds more refinement than performance.

An overhead-cam original that's mostly aluminum and all very cool

Arlen Ness built a truly one-of-a-kind, virtually all-aluminum custom powered by an 88-inch Big Twin fitted with overhead cams.

Bob Thrash's 80—No Excuses

Bob Thrash's custom is a streamlined Harley-Davidson with lush, full-coverage bodywork made in the 1930's mold, topped off by an impressive combination of billet, bronze…

Go for the long haul in style

When you go for a long haul you need to take at least some items with you, why not do it in style?

This XL-powered prototype is on the right track.

What kicks like a mule and abides by the SuperTracker rules, and can be registered and ridden on the street? How about the Mule Motorcycles Racing Replica?

Rock-bottom price, rock-solid perfomance

A Harley-Davidson with a price that agrees with the wallet and performance that agrees with the Big Twin editors.

Although they never actually left, sidecars are back in style

Although they never actually left, sidecars are once again, back in style.


This isn't just a restoration story of a 1944 Harley-Davidson UL, it's a complete resurrection.

Old Harley models don't die; they just come back in limited production runs

In 1999 the FXR returned—sort of. After a four year absence Harley-Davidson brought the FXR back, but only in limited production runs.

Even with its optional over-the-road equipment, this is not your father's touring bike

Past editors see how the sport-touring 1999 Buell S3 fares on the hilly roads of southern Georgia.