No flash in the pan

While the era of the Panhead may be long gone, the motorcycle itself has never been forgotten.

The Li'l John and Big Boyd road show

Here are two very clean, very simple Harley-Davidsons that emphasize the shape of the motorcycle.

Mike James and Bruce Canepa's California-cool customs

Four radical customs that boast classy Santa Cruz style.

The 1997 FLHTCUI (in case you didn't know, that spells Electra Glide Ultra)

We twist the throttle on Harley-Davidson's 1997 flagship, the Electra Glide Ultra, to discover its ups and its downs.

This beginner builder doesn't get mad, he gets even

A dazzling piece of custom motorcycle art done by an amateur proves you don't need professional training to build a bike that wins awards.

A Road King by any other name is still a Road King

Underneath every custom Harley-Davidson lies the beast within. In this instance, the smooth-riding, sweet-handling Road King.
Texas customs in action

Texas Two Step

Everything is bigger in Texas. Plain and simple. With that being said, here are two Big Twin customs from the Panhandle State.

Riding through Northern California's equivalent of Scotland

Get lost on the Lost Coast Highway. Beau Allen Pacheco and photographer Jeff Allen ride through the scenic Scotland-like landscape of Northern California.

Parts are more than

Beauty is everywhere, even in the expertly engineered parts that make up the motorcycles you ride.

Black Iron

Feast your eyes on the rarest of the rare, the Kurogano (or Black Iron), a Japanese bike that was beautifully restored to glory.