Street & Steel Oakland Convertible Riding Jacket

Our mix of all-season riding gear will work for any riding situation

Weather Is unpredictable, which makes it hard to know what gear to wear. Our list of convertible items adapt to changing conditions, so forget your worries.
TitanOPS Military Tactical Gloves

These serious mitts will give you three-season comfort and protection

When seasons change, your gear should also be able to adapt to different weather. Our list of gloves will get you through the fall and spring riding seasons.
TCX Street Ace Air

Keep your cool in higher temperatures with our collection of heat-busting riding gear

The key to staying comfortable on summer rides is the right gear. We’ve chosen five items that will help you keep your cool, from head to toe.

Waterproof tops to help keep you dry and stay comfy

A rundown of the current top rain jackets for motorcycle riders.
arai helmet

Hot Bike tests gear from Arai and Alpinestars

Hot Bike tortures the Arai Signet-X El Craneo lid and Alpinestars J-8 riding shoe.

No matter the style, everyone needs a good pair of motorcycle gloves

Check out eight of our favorite motorcycle gloves including Aplinestars, Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle and much more.

Protective clothing we love

As worn by the Hot Bike Staff…

Cool or not?

When it comes to comfort, the Stadium shoe is as comfy as they come and have now become my favorite shoes off the bike. While I don't stunt (on purpose anyway) I could…

No Frill Leather Gloves

We put the Alpinestars Oscar Bandit Leather glove to the test over the last few rides. If you're looking for a basic, no frills, simple leather glove, this is right up…