A beginner-friendly video on how to spot lighting problems on your Road Glide motorcycle

Are you the new owner of a Road Glide Special? Here is how you replace a burned-out bulb on your new ride.

How to locate and remove the Road Glide Special’s main fuse

New to your HD Road Glide Special? Here is how you remove the main fuse before doing any work on your new bike.

A simple step-by-step on how to remove the saddlebag on a ’14–later H-D Touring model

Still figuring out your Road Glide Special? Here’s how to take off those saddlebags so you can get at other components.

This simple maintenance tip can help extend the life of your tires

We continue to explore the basics of your Harley Road Glide Special. In this video we show how to check and set tire pressure.
2018 harley-Davidson Street Bob

Making the most from Harley’s Genuine Accessories Catalog

Heath Pinter’s 2018 Street Bob serves as attainable inspiration for potential new buyers who want to “roll their own”…right off the showroom floor.
Richie Two-Chairs with his Azzkikr Bobber

Richie “Two-Chairs” Neider builds an Azzkikin’ Scout Bobber with a custom sidecar to get an Army Veteran back on the road

The desire to ride again helps piece a wheelchair-bound veteran back together and get back on the road on a new custom bike.
2018 Indian Chieftan Classic

Swapping the seat and windscreen on our long-term Indian project

We equipped our 2018 Indian Chieftain Classic long-term project bike with a new Mustang seat and Klock Werks flare windscreen.

With the cam install on our 2018 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special, we had to locate top dead center. Here’s a tip on how to find TDC by hand.

Top dead center is when the piston is at its highest point; to find it, check where the lifters are at their lowest. Here we show how to make the job easier.

When less is more…revealing

When H-D released the 2018 Fat Bob, it left a lot of folks scratching their heads. Then The Speed Merchant took the new Fat Bob platform in the right direction.

A quick instructional video on how to remove the 2018 Road Glide’s ignition switch to access the handlebar risers

In this video we show how easy it is to remove the ignition switch on an H-D Touring model; you’ll only need your ignition key to complete the job.