Sweet Tracker

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A few years ago I was sent a press release from Phil Little Racing (phillittleracing.com) promoting its SXR street tracker kit, which includes basically everything to turn a stock Sportster into a dirt-track racing replica. The best part, Phil Little’s kit is pretty inexpensive, which is right up Sporty owners’ alleys.

It’s been a goal of mine to do my own street tracker since then. The term itself derives from dirt track racing bikes, especially the iconic Harley-Davidson XR-750, but fixed up to be ridden on the street. These bikes are lightweight, very fast, and handle extremely well since they’ve been stripped of anything unnecessary.

I found a stock Sportster 883 with about 10,000 miles at my local dealer, Skip-Fordyce Harley-Davidson in Riverside, California. The Sporty was used as the parts mule for other trades, etc., so because it was missing a few things, I got a great deal.

To help me achieve this style, Phil Little is sending out his new prototype body kit that’s never been seen before to get me started on the project. But the fun won’t stop there; I’ll be doing a series of build articles with many other companies to get me closer to the street tracker style that I feel is so damn cool. Stay tuned as to the progress of the build.

Here’s a little rendering that our friend, the Harpoon, did for me to give you a rough idea of what the project will look like. Let me know what you think and check back regularly for street tracker projects in future issues. Also check more current progress at hotbikeweb.com, Facebook (facebook.com/hotbike), and Twitter (@hotbikemagazine).