Sumax Streethunder Plug Wires

Sumax with Taylor developed the Streethunder Wires to deliver great performance at an extremely affordable price: $19.99 set. Plug wires feature a low resistance conductor that is wrapped in durable silicone double layer jacketing for heat protection, strength and durability.

8mm Black Silicone and Synthetic Jacketing resist heat, oil, and abrasion. 500 ohm per foot resistance delivering greater spark energy, while improving power, idle, and fuel efficiency. A combination Kevlar Helically Spiral Wound Core conductor for greater strength and durability that suppresses Electro Magnetic (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Wires are compatible with all year Harley models. Matching Black Silicone Boots protects against high exhaust temperatures. Double Spring Locking Terminals for secure-vibration proof connections.