Stealth Pipe Install On A Harley-Davidson FXR

A stainless 2-1 for you FXR lovers out there

A beautiful work of functional art.

With the final piece, the stainless muffler, installed we'll then torque all the fasteners to factory specs and our FXR project will happily showcase this beautiful work of functional art from Stealth.

Jeff G. Holt

The FXR is still held in the highest regard when it comes to performance-based Harley-Davidsons. This is the reason why a bike made decades ago is still getting new parts made for it. Take the Stealth pipe, for instance. All of the Stealth systems are made one by one from 304 stainless steel, which is the best type of stainless tubing for taking the punishment that 2-into-1 pipes can endure. The stainless tubing is mandrel bent at the Stealth Pipes facility, and then the whole pile of parts are TIG welded into the work of functional art you see here. HB

The Stealth pipe is made from 304 stainless steel.

Only the best for our FXR project. The Stealth 2-into-1 system is built from 304 stainless steel and hand TIG welded.

Jeff G. Holt

rear exhaust bracket

The supplied rear exhaust bracket was installed on the transmission and rear brake mount of the FXR’s frame.

Jeff G. Holt

Stainless muffler

We installed the Stealth head pipes to the FXR’s Evolution motor and snugged the bolts a bit.

Jeff G. Holt

performance upgrade

And there you have it: a performance upgrade you can see, hear, and feel!

Jeff G. Holt

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