S&S Cycles Grand National Milwaukee-8 Slip-Ons

Aftermarket powerhouse pounces on new Fat Bob with new mufflers


Aluminum tip and ceramic finish round out a solid performance package that's still emissions legal in all 50 states.

Courtesy of S&S Cycle

“I'm pretty stoked on this one. We're getting our heads around the Milwaukee-8 powered Softails and starting to make some real power. High flow intake and a collection of cams are already sorted out and now we have slip-ons that look and sound the part. Welcome to the new world order!” S&S marketing VP David Zemla.

You'd expect that sort of enthusiasm from the guy whose job it is to get the word out about the latest and greatest S&S parts. Having said that, the 2018 Fat Bob deserves an exhaust note worthy of the platform and S&S has stepped up with their race-inspired Grand National Slip-ons to get the job done.

harley-davidson dyno

Harley-Davidson stock pipes versus S&S Grand Nationals and air cleaner.

Courtesy of S&S Cycle

Tuneable baffle inserts allow you to adjust sound and back pressure to best suit your style and performance needs. Combined with the S&S Stealth air cleaner, you'll see a reported 12% gain in horsepower and 6% bump in torque. Check out the S&S site for more info, including images and sound files. Click here for more information