S&S Cycle’s 465C Chain-Drive Cam

The chain-drive cams for Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engines

On this edition of Hot Bike Parts Counter we take a look at the S&S Cycle 465C chain-drive cam for Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engines. Since the release of the Milwaukee-Eight engine in 2017, the aftermarket has offered plenty of new products to get the most amount of horsepower from the newer single-cam-driven engines.

S&S Cycle’s 465C chain-drive cam ($189.95) definitely adds some more ponies to the single-cam motor, given the right power combination. In fact, we tested the S&S cam with the S&S Sidewinder 2-into-1 exhaust and its Mini Teardrop air cleaner to see just how much horsepower and foot-pounds of torque the package gained over stock.

The S&S 465C cam is compatible with all stock valve-train components, but to make the job even easier, you’re going to need a set of the S&S Quickee adjustable pushrods so you can chop the stockers and not have to pull the rocker boxes apart. The Quickee adjustable pushrod kit cost us an additional $224.95.

The 465C kit includes the cam itself along with all necessary O-rings in the cam chest, as well as a new cam bearing and cam chest cover gasket.