S&S Cycle HI-4N Ignition Kit

Upgrade your ignition, upgrade your performance

S&S Cycles HI-4N Multi-Function Ignition Kit

S&S Cycles HI-4N Multi-Function Ignition Kit ($438.65)

Courtesy of S&S Cycle

Install a HI-4N Ignition Kit from S&S for reduced vibration, improved heat dissipation, and increased reliability. Featuring a one-piece, machined aluminum housing, the HI-4N kit’s module houses both single and dual-fire functions with an improved kick start algorithm design. With this kit, you can make adjustments to mode, advance rate, and rev limit with BCD switches. The S&S HI-4N Ignition Kit includes Crane Cams single-fire coil and plug wires. It's made in the USA for a variety of 70-99 Harley-Davidson Big Twin models.

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