S&S 100Hp Cam For Milwaukee-Eight Engines

New S&S Cycle performance cams for your Milwaukee-Eight bike

S&S Milwaukee-Eight cam

A new S&S Milwaukee-Eight cam and pushrod combination, ready for a good home. Won't you please help?

Courtesy of S&S Cycle

S&S Cycle has specialized in making power for close to six decades and that focus has been applied to each new generation of Harley-Davidson engines. The Milwaukee-Eight is no different and after months of R&D, dyno and ride time we are proud to launch a new collection of pure performance parts.

The S&S 475 cam hits the magical 100-horsepower-at-the-back-wheel mark and is available in gear or chain drive. Combined with performance intake and exhaust, that's a 32% increase in power. To make the job easier they are also offering their proven Quickee Pushrods, allowing for a cam install that does not require the top end be disturbed.

Stock Milwaukee-Eight dyno results

Stock Milwaukee-Eight dyno results (red) versus S&S Cycle cam, air cleaner, and pipes (blue).

Courtesy of S&S Cycle

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