Sportster Bagger?

Detachable Fairing/Hard Bags Installed On A Sportster

2. The stock XLC 1200 Sportster before the touring transformation.

3. Hoppe's Vanilla Zilla fairing comes complete with a fiberglass shell finished in a black gelcoat finish (choose optional satin black or gloss black for an extra cost), windshield, quick-detach mounting brackets, windshield mounting hardware, and complete installation instruction manual.

4. Here we installed the windshield with the provided hardware, and for added stability we secured it in place with blue Loctite.

5. You'll need to purchase the H-D Detachable Windshield and Docking Hardware kit separately. It includes the necessary clamps and hardware for the install.

6. We installed the H-D kit to the fork legs, two on each side between the upper and lower triple trees. (Quick tip: before installing the quick-detach bracket onto the fairing itself, we wanted to make sure we positioned the H-D detachable windshield hardware in the right place. We used the bracket to do so and we also checked for clearances.)

7. Once the H-D hardware was installed and the windshield and quick-detach brackets were mounted to the fairing, we simply clicked the fairing into place.

8. The Hoppe Vanilla Zilla fairing looked quite appealing on the Sportster.

9. Fat Max's Detachable Fiberglass Bags are lightweight and are easy to install. The bags come with a nylon zippered bag inside to easily store belongings. The mounting bracket is also included (not shown) and installs in minutes.

10. We removed the wiring from the turn signals that feeds into the rear brake light mount from both sides. Then we removed the sideplates from the fender struts.

11. Next, we installed the mounting brackets on both sides.

12. Once we mounted the bag in place, we secured it to the bracket with a wing nut and were ready to roll.

13. Our vision materialized and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome. We turned a Sportster into a convertible bagger.

Baggers are trying to take over the world! With some of the latest touring conversion kits for Sportsters, we tend to think the above statement is true. We have an '06 XLC 1200 Sportster that we've been trying to transform into a touring contraption for some time. We were given a tip from HOT BIKE Baggers magazine to check out Hoppe Industries' Vanilla Zilla detachable fairing and Fat Max's detachable hard bags. Armed with that wisdom we did just that, and we have to say we were pleased with the results!

Hoppe Industries' Vanilla Zilla detachable fairing (MSRP: $799.00) was a good fit for our Sporty. The fairing weighs only 7 pounds and is made from hand-laid fiberglass. It includes a windshield and mounting brackets, which only took a few minutes to piece together. Then we mounted the H-D Detachable Windshield Docking Hardware (P/N 58164-96A, MSRP: $69.95) so that we could simply click the fairing into place as easily as mounting a detachable windshield.

Once the fairing was clipped in place, it was time to install the Fat Max detachable hard bags (MSRP: $695/pair). The fiberglass bags are durable, lightweight, and come with chrome locking hardware to secure your valuables. Mounting hardware and installation bracket are included and we installed the kit in minutes. Fat Max provides a turn signal relocation bracket so that you can easily reposition your turn signals to remain legit (we opted out of relocating the turn signals because we're waiting on all-in-one brake/turn signals to arrive in the mail).

Installation for the entire project took less than an hour, and while some bungee chords and a gym bag do the trick for a weekend jaunt, we can roll to our destination in style with Fat Max's detachable bags. And on our way there, we don't have to worry about our head blowing off, because Hoppe's Vanilla Zilla fairing cuts the wind factor down quite a bit. But most importantly-upon returning from our little getaway-if we want to remove the bags or the fairing, we have the option to do so.