Sport Chrome Lifetime Warranty

For your Harley parts

sport chrome warranty

Protecting your shiny chrome.

Courtesy of Sport Chrome

Sport Chrome has long been the final word in high quality chrome plating for motorcycles, and we proudly deliver our “World’s Finest Chrome Plating for motorcycles” around the globe.

Our superior metal finish can be found on all continents of the planet, ranging from Harley Dealers, Independent MC shops, motorcycle enthusiasts, and the top custom designers in the world, like Roland Sands Design, all of whom possess discerning tastes for high quality.

It is because of our specific focus on providing the finest Show Chrome plating for motorcycles, combined with our non-stop commitment to expanding and improving our abilities that we can offer such superior quality and service.

As a result of these continued efforts, we are pleased to announce that any 2000 & later Harley-Davidson or American-made aftermarket aluminum motorcycle wheels & parts which are Show Chrome plated by Sport Chrome 2016 and later are eligible to be covered by a Lifetime Warranty!

To learn more about our services and our Lifetime Warranty please visit your local Dealer or visit (888) 799-9958