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The Speed Merchant’s Custom Dyna Low Rider S

Brandon “Brawny” Holstein sheds light on his Hot Bike Build-Off Bike

The Speed Merchant’s Brandon Holstein evolved a 2017 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S into this road-ripping performance custom for the 2018 Hot Bike Tour. Piggyback shocks, his own air cleaner, and Screamin’ Eagle parts are just some of the upgrades he gave it.

A long, long time ago in a land not far away at all (Huntington Beach, California), I met a chap who went by the nickname of Brawny. To this day, I still don’t have a clue how Brandon Holstein, from The Speed Merchant, earned that nickname. He damn sure didn’t look like the Paul Bunyan doppelgänger from the paper towel roll. And he wasn’t some roided-out doucher toting a gallon jug of electrolytes in between sets at the gym. He was just a dude. A dude who worked at Todd’s Cycle part-time while trying to get his own gig, The Speed Merchant, off the ground. Todd spoke highly of Brawny. Which says a lot because Todd doesn’t say that much. One day I was at Todd’s shop and Brawny was machining something in the back. Todd called me over to meet him. I said “hey,” when Todd introduced us. Then he said “hey” back. And that was pretty much that.

Speed Merchant Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

The Speed Merchant takes his work very seriously.

Jeff Allen

A year or two later, The Speed Merchant logo was popping up all over the place. And then The Speed Merchant began making these rad little preload adjusters for 39mm fork tubes and my tracker Sporty project was definitely in need of a set. I called up Brandon and headed over to the shop to see what he’d been building, and I knew after that visit that Brandon was a talented builder. He was very meticulous. Almost to a fault. The good ones always are. They don’t pay attention to time. Only the work. It’s all in the work. And this was something I’d seen in very select talents. He had it.

And Brawny knew it too. He took that drive and vision and hasn’t looked back since, building several top-notch bikes over the years that you’ve seen here in Hot Bike, and plenty of other places too. Which was why he was a no-brainer to be a choice for the 2018 Hot Bike Tour.

110-inch Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam

The 110-inch Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam is a real jewel that stands out thanks to diamond-cut fins.

Jeff Allen

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The interesting thing about Brandon’s entry, a 2017 Dyna Low Rider S, was that it was completely different from the style we’re used to seeing roll out of TSM’s four walls. But what intrigued us the most was it was some insight into Brandon’s versatility. He can’t be beholden to one particular style of motorcycle. What he can be holdin’ is the handlebar (tightly) on this awesome performance bike as it tears off the line at a stoplight.

Dual Performance Machine brakes

Dual Performance Machine brakes up front rein this steed in right quick when needed.

Jeff Allen

front frame skid plate

Naturally, a Speed Merchant skid plate found itself employed at the front of the frame.

Jeff Allen

custom rear wheel

Like its frontal cousin, the custom rear wheel packs PM stopping power.

Jeff Allen

alligator skin motorcycle seat

No cows were harmed in the making of this beautiful black seat. The same can’t be said for a certain gator who’s now in need of a skin graft though…

Jeff Allen

Speed Merchant air cleaner

Carbon fiber muffler, 2-into-1 header, snazzy Speed Merchant air cleaner… Yeah, this bike breathes pretty darn well and looks good doing it.

Jeff Allen

Custom Dyna Low Rider S

Any way you look at it, Brandon’s Dyna Low Rider S is clean and mean. A very well-executed custom bike.

Jeff Allen

detailed piggyback shocks

The little details pull a good bike together, and here that means large and little bits of red throughout. Just look at the details in the piggyback shocks, the back of primary, and pulley.

Jeff Allen

Flush-mounted gas caps and elaborate paint

Flush-mounted gas caps and elaborate paint really dress up the tank.

Jeff Allen

devil skulls and their evil red eyes

The back of that seat! Look at all these little devil skulls and their evil red eyes!

Jeff Allen