Spectro Oils Heavy Duty Primary Chaincase Oil

Made specifically for H-D Sportsters & Big Twins

spectro harley chaincase oil

Chaincase oil is only one of Spectro's offerings for V-twins

Courtesy of Spectro Oils America

Spectro Oils Heavy Duty Primary Chaincase Oil is a sheer stable petroleum that's designed to withstand the punishment of high loads, and contains special polymers to provide exceptional clutch engagement and temperature stability. The chaincase oil meets full OEM requirements, and should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Spectro formulated it specifically for Harley-Davidson Sportster and Big Twin applications. The oil's low drag, low friction loss SAE 85w viscosity eliminates clutch “drag” and slipping.

To find out where you can get Spectro's full line of products, give your local motorcycle dealer a call or visit spectro-oils.com