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Letter of the Month Hot bike, Regarding the "Issues that Threaten Motorcycling" article in the November issue, I recently saw some statistics that said blinking headlights drastically cut down on motorcycle accidents. Perhaps if there were small amber bullet lights in back and white headlights in front that blinked, there would be fewer fatalities on two wheels? It could be a simple mandatory procedure ensuring safety. Thanks, JC, via email

JC, while we are all for reducing motorcycle-related deaths, "simple mandatory procedure" seems like an oxymoron. When was the last time anything was a simple procedure to pass through our government? Also the term mandatory just rubs many bikers the wrong way. Thanks for the email and enjoy this tool kit from Cruz Tools.

I just wanted to send you guys this pic of my dad and his bike. My dad passed away April 14, 2009, when he went down on his '85 Softail. It was one of the hardest things I've had to deal with. The only thing I can say is that he went down doing what he loved most (besides his family). I ended up with the bike and I plan on customizing it into something radical, it will be ridden. I enjoyed riding with my dad. He was cremated, so I plan to take some of his ashes and seal them into a little bell and attach it to the bike when I am finished so I will always be able to ride with my pops. Thanks for listening, Bill, Boise, Idaho

Hey Hot Bike, This is a custom Softail built by Southside Customs. It has a 107ci engine with Delkron cases, STD heads, and an S&S; carb. It's based on a Paughco frame, a Daytec tank, Milwaukee Iron fenders, and Weld wheels, with a Metzler 260mm rear tire. It also has Vance & Hines pipes. It's been dyno'd at 120 hp and can move pretty quick. I originally had it built in '95 and rebuilt in '05 due to the big-tire craze, which just started with the tire and snowballed to everything after that. Unfortunately I have to sell it to pay for college for my kids. Rob, via email

Dear hot bike, My boyfriend gets the magazine every month and I am always looking through it and thought I would send in a picture of my bike and myself. I never thought I would have my own bike but my boyfriend didn't want me riding on the back of his, so I bought my own. We decided I would ride it stock for the first year in case I dumped it. I did good the first year, I only fell down once the first ride out the driveway. I didn't turn the corner and went straight over the curb. I jumped off and was fine. Then my boyfriend started to make it look "cute" for me. He lowered it to fit me better, put PM wheels and brakes on, added a Thunderheader exhaust, changed the headlight to a Road King style, and added Chubby 1 1/4-inch bars. I love my bike! Tammy, via email