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Letter of the Month Hey Jeff G. Holt, What's up these days? I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and if it doesn't, go grab yourself a tall beer and enjoy. Things over here in Afghanistan are going very good. Simply put, the bad guys are up to no good, and the good guys stop the process! Today it was 120-plus degrees, but it was a blast having the opportunity to fly on our independence day. If you are in the neighborhood, swing by Wheel Works in Garden Grove and put my brother Adam in a chokehold and tell him to get that damn passport so we can go to Thailand (adult Disneyland). Here are a few pictures I hope you enjoy. It was an honor to get the chance to re-enlist in my bird, while en route to a combat mission over Marjah, Afghanistan, for no bonus but ultimately...for the love of the United States and the Marine Corps! Thanks for hearing me ramble, Bryan, via email

Bryan thanks for the pic. It looks like you've got some serious tools you're working with out there. Be safe and when you get back home we'll have a spiffy new matte copper lid from Biltwell (biltwellinc.com) waiting for you.

Dear Hot Bike, Just wanted to send you guys a pic of some of the latest builds to come out of our shop Lujan Motorcycles near Albuquerque, New Mexico. These two bikes are mine and my wife's personal rides. They are both based on Softail fames. Mine is a little more chopper style with a longer frontend and the rear fender mounted to the swingarm. The wife's is mellower not only in overall a stance but paint as well-it's covered in flowers.

Hello Hot Bike, I am presently deployed in Iraq. While surfing the internet for pics of Harley Deuces, I came across a pic from your magazine, but I cannot find any details on the bike. The bike is a Harley Deuce with a black and red flame paintjob. I am going to buy a Deuce when I redeploy in August and I want to do the same mods as done to this bike. Thank you for any help you can provide. Mike, via email

Mike, luckily for you we haven't featured a whole lot of Deuces so it was pretty easy to track down this bike. The bike is owned by Maryann Hummel and is an '01 Deuce. Some of the changes she has made include: bumping up to 95 ci, a Vance and Hines exhaust, a Fat Katz front fender, H-D/Forking by Frank Frontend, Legend Air Ride shocks in the rear, Pro-One wheels, Carlini handlebars, and additional fab and paint work was done by GM Bootleg in Chino, California.

First of all, if my English is less than perfect, it's because I am French and not mentally disturbed (well, it depends on who you ask). Here is my little story in regards to Eric's editorial from the August 2010 issue. My son is 4 years old, and we took him with us to our local dealer, Harley-Davidson Rimouski, in Québec. As soon as we got inside, my son went to the office of the co-owner of the dealer, took him by the hand and brought him to the other end of the showroom, and stood right in front of a Cross Bones. Then he looked to the guy right in the eyes and said, "when I get older I will have this bike." The guy started laughing, so to show him he was serious my son then said, "I will give you my phone number," and that's exactly what he did. My wife and I were really surprised by that situation. Thanks for taking time to read my story, Steve Murray, via email

Steve, well at least it sounds like your son knows exactly what he wants in life, and he has good taste. Tell him to start saving his pennies, and by the time he's old enough to ride, that Cross Bones should be a good deal on the used market.