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Letter Of The Month Dear HOT BIKE, Attached is a picture of my son. The story behind the picture is that my 3-year-old son wanted a biker inspired party, I helped him with that. You see, it had been years of hounding my wife that I wanted to get a bike. Well, here was my opportunity, I had many months of HOT BIKE mags laying around to give her the hint. I think leathering up my son for his birthday party invitations and snapping this photo was all she needed. Within the next few months, I had my bike in the garage. So, I know my son would love to see his picture in HOT BIKE. He is now a couple of years older and can reach the pegs on my bike, so he hops on and we ride when ever we can. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Brian, via email

Brian, thanks for the email. Just make sure you hide the keys as it looks like he's itching to go for a joy ride. Here's a set of tools from Cruz Tools so your son can help you tinker on the bike in the garage.

Hot Bike, Here's a shot of my friend Spider, an old-school biker and a really good guy. I would occasionally see him at the gas station paying for his coffee and then a few seconds later, I would hear him riding away on his bike. I always wondered how he could ride his old school rigid while holding a cup of coffee, especially since it is a jockey shift bike. I figured he must have a cup holder or something on that bike (which as you can see, wouldn't match Spider's style). Well, one day I caught up to him at a red light and the mystery was solved. He holds the cup of coffee with his teeth as he rides down the rode a few miles to the motorcycle shop he works at! Good thing I had the camera my girlfriend gave me to take this great shot. So here's to Spider and all the old-school bikers...you gotta love 'em! Larry G., via email

Hey Hot Bike, Why is there an obscene picture on the back cover of the August 2010 issue? Children might be exposed to this. I have been a subscriber for a while now, and I am now questioning my renewal. I got my '75 on the road in 1980, and I believe there is only one kind of motorcycle. Please support what you believe in. E.G., via email

Dear Hot Bike, Check out my wife and I out in the West Texas town of El Paso. We are at Rosa's Cantina, the same cantina Marty Robbins sang about. The famous restaurant and bar are still a local favorite place to eat. The black steed is a 2003 anniversary Road King with factory paint. The Corbin seats, chrome wide bars, and plenty of H-D parts make this a very comfortable ride. Lambert, via email

Hey guys, I enjoy the mag-great articles etc. I have a question. I had a great set of ape's in the '80s; they came from the House of Handlebars (no longer around). I have apes on two of my bikes but they aren't what I want. I am looking for a set that are large diameter/hardly any to no pullback and raw finish (I want to get them powdercoated). Any ideas? Thanks Chuck, via email

Chuck, we found a House of Handlebars in Long Beach, CA (562-997-0029). check out Flanders (flandersco.com), Carlini (carlinidesign.com), Cyclesmiths (cyclesmiths.com), Burly (burlybrand.com), Wild 1 (wild1inc.com)? Also if you contact any of these companies and tell them what you are looking for they might be able to meet your desires in design and finish.